Three Essential Types of Protection in Your Home Insurance

Home insurance provides several types of coverage in one policy. Several of these coverage types are important in different ways. All of these protection types are needed to ensure you’re well-protected against a wide range of risks you face as a homeowner. Call Com-Co Insurance Agency Inc. in Mount Prospect, IL to get your home insurance policy.

Dwelling Protection

Home insurance protects The house itself against a wide range of risks. These policies cover specific disasters and various types of accidents so that repairs can be paid for. Damage repairs to a home can be extremely expensive, and you need that coverage to pay for repairs after a damaging incident happens. 

Belongings Protection

The same kinds of incidents that cause damage to a home can ruin the belongings inside it. These items are covered by home insurance coverage for belongings. This protects you if some or all of your belongings are ruined, damaged, destroyed, etc. This can be vital coverage to have because of the high cost of replacing and repairing your items. The investment that you have in your belongings is a large one, and that investment needs protection. 

Liability Protection

Another type of coverage you need to protect yourself is liability coverage. This type of coverage is included in home policies to protect you in case someone gets injured in your house. If this happens, the policy can pay for the person’s medical bills instead of you paying for them. 

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Insider Secrets: How to Choose the Best Auto Insurance Coverage for Your Mount Prospect Ride

Residents of Mount Prospect, IL know all too well how quickly peaceful neighborhoods and bustling downtown districts can transform into a mix of snow, slush, salt, and ice. Such weather conditions can lead to car breakdowns, accidents, and unexpected expenses. Thankfully, the expert insurance advisors at Com-Co Insurance Agency Inc. are well-equipped to guide you toward your vehicle’s ideal auto insurance policy.

Navigating Traffic Risks in Mount Prospect

Driving in Mount Prospect comes with its own unique set of challenges. Even the most cautious Illinois drivers can be taken by surprise by inclement weather or sudden accidents. While the state’s minimum insurance policies can provide some protection in case of an at-fault accident, they don’t cover any damage to your vehicle or its contents or related expenses.

The seasoned locals understand that maintaining their vehicles in Mount Prospect involves investing in a comprehensive auto insurance policy. Such a policy covers your car, its contents, and any passengers, and it even adds coverage for emergency roadside assistance and towing.

Comprehensive Auto Insurance: More Than Weather Protection

Comprehensive auto insurance in Illinois provides more than just protection from weather-inflicted damage. It helps cover costs due to theft, vandalism, animal collisions, and other common perils that can cause considerable repair/replacement costs.

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Three Basic Differences Between Condo Insurance and Homeowners Insurance

While there are several similarities between homeowner’s insurance and condo insurance (such as being required by a mortgage broker and protecting your financial investment), there are also significant differences. At Com-Co Insurance Agency Inc., in Mount Prospect, IL, we strive to educate you on these differences.

Three Key Differences between Condominium and Homeowner Insurance

  • Condo insurance covers your property internally, from the walls inwards. Homeowner’s insurance extends to your structure, property, and even fencing and outbuildings.
  • Condo associations often necessitate insurance coverage, given that the condo’s value hinges substantially on the neighboring property’s condition.
  • It’s crucial to know what your association’s master’s policy covers. Assuming this can be risky. Always ensure you obtain a copy of the policy and have your condo insurance policy shaped to fill any potential gaps.

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Individuals opt to purchase a condominium for various reasons, such as downsizing, transitioning to empty nesters, owning a vacation home, or as an investment. While home insurance experience may be preliminary for most, condo insurance presents its distinctions. If you reside in or around Mount Prospect, IL, and have questions about condo or homeowners insurance, contact Com-Co Insurance Agency Inc. to secure a free review and price quote.

The Impact of Smart Home Technology on Home Insurance

Adapting Home Insurance to Smart Homes

With smart home systems becoming more common, Com-Co Insurance Agency Inc. needs to adapt its services to accommodate these tech-enabled households better. Our goal is to provide tailored protection that aligns with homeowners’ utilization of smart technology like leak detection, smoke alarms, security cameras, and more.

Prevention Powered by Technology

With features like moisture sensors, CO monitors, and alarm systems, homeowners can reduce their exposure to certain risks like water damage, fires, thefts, and more. Because of this, integrating these devices may qualify homeowners for lower premiums.

Understanding Smart Home Insurance

In the event of a system failure that leads to costly damage, we clarify what the insurance would and would not cover. With the shifting landscape of claims in line with home automation advances, our guidance ensures you have peace of mind.

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Does Umbrella Insurance Cover Everyone in My Household?

Umbrella insurance comes into play when your liability exceeds the limit of your home, auto, or other policy. Ordinarily, umbrella policies cover all relatives and dependents in the household. Still, the details can get tricky, so discussing your umbrella coverage with an agent such as Com-Co Insurance Agency Inc., serving the Mount Prospect, IL, area, is best. 

Covering Household Members

Since umbrella insurance handles liabilities beyond other policy limits, insurance companies must account for each person covered by your policies. For example, while your auto policy covers household members and others who legally drive your vehicle, your insurer often adjusts the premium based on the number of people in the household, their ages, driving records, and their cars. 

Similarly, an umbrella insurance policy may cover children and teenagers, even the policyholder’s parents, if they are full-time household members.

Besides keeping up with the household members, umbrella coverage can be complicated when adult children or parents have separate home or auto policies. Your umbrella coverage may not cover an adult child living at home with a different auto policy. Likewise, a student with a renters’ policy for their college apartment may also be excluded from coverage.

As always, you should protect yourself and your family by talking with your agent to confirm how your household makeup and insurance policies affect your coverage. Give your agent a call to have this conversation before you need to make a claim.

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Three Reasons to Get Homeowners Insurance If You Don’t Have It

Homeowners insurance is an excellent investment for sure. A good homeowners insurance policy can protect your finances and help you recover after a covered event occurs. Most people have homeowners insurance because they’re required to have a policy by their mortgage lender.

However, if you paid for your house in cash or paid off your mortgage, you may be faced with choosing whether to get homeowners insurance. At Com-Co Insurance Agency Inc., serving Mount Prospect, IL, we’re happy to help you find a homeowners insurance policy that works for you. Here’s what to know about why you should get homeowners insurance.

1. Protect Your Savings When Repairing Your Home

Some disasters can cause tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to your home. For example, if your house burned down, you may have to spend all of your savings (and then some) to cover repairs. Your homeowner’s insurance can help you save that money by covering most of the repair cost after a covered event occurs.

2. You’ll Be Able to Rebuild After a Disaster

Would you have the money to rebuild if you lost your entire house in a fire? For many people, the answer to that question is no. Homeowners insurance can make rebuilding a possibility after a covered event destroys your house. 

3. Give You A Feeling of Security

It’s a scary feeling to know that if something happened to your home, you might not have the means to repair or rebuild. With Com-Co Insurance Agency Inc. homeowners insurance, many homeowners feel peace of mind knowing their policy would help protect them from financial liability after a covered event occurs.

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Wisconsin Auto Insurance Legal Requirements

Com-Co Insurance Agency Inc. offers insurance in four states, including Wisconsin, so don’t let our Mount Prospect, IL, service area throw you off. We also provide auto insurance to Wisconsin residents. In today’s blog, we consider the state’s auto insurance requirements.

Own Auto Coverage Before You Drive

Wisconsin requires every driver to purchase auto insurance before driving on its roads. These insurance policies must meet current minimum coverage requirements, including:

  • Bodily injury liability coverage in the amount of $25,000 per person per accident
  • Bodily injury liability coverage in the amount of $50,000 for all persons total per accident
  • Property damage liability coverage in the amount of $10,000 per accident
  • Underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage in the amount of $25,000 for bodily injury per person and $50,000 for all persons total per accident.

These state minimums do not cover damage to your vehicle, so we recommend adding comprehensive, collision, and roadside assistance coverages.

What Happens if You Drive Without Insurance?

The state of Wisconsin provides harsh penalties for anyone who drives without insurance. You could lose your driver’s license, incur a massive fine, or both. The court does provide an opportunity for you to prove that you did have insurance at the time of the ticket and currently carry it in case a mistake gets made in ticket issuance or you do not have insurance cards yet.

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Auto Insurance Requirements and Options in Illinois

Our agents at the Com-Co Insurance Agency Inc., serving the Mount Prospect, IL area, do not want to see you lose your driver’s license or have to pay stiff fines because you are caught driving without at least an auto liability insurance policy in place.

Auto Insurance Requirements and Options in Illinois

Auto liability insurance is required under the law in Illinois for you to be able to drive a motor vehicle legally. This type of policy will help pay the medical bills of a person if they are injured in an accident that just so happens to be caused by you. This type of policy will also help repair or replace their vehicle and will cover any other type of property damage you cause.

There are several different options for creating your auto liability insurance policy. Read on for more information on the three most common options.

Uninsured/Underinsured Auto Insurance

You can be driving down the road, minding your own business, when suddenly you are involved in a traffic accident with someone who did not bother to obtain any insurance policy or has very little auto insurance. Suppose you are injured or your vehicle is damaged. In that case, you will be pleased to have an uninsured or underinsured auto insurance policy in place since it can help you repair your vehicle and pay for your medical bills.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

Comprehensive insurance is critical since it will protect the investment you have made in your vehicle. This is because if your car becomes damaged or destroyed by a natural disaster, vandalism, or some other incident, such as a fire, comprehensive insurance can replace or repair your vehicle. This type of coverage can also help you out if your vehicle is stolen.

Collision Insurance Coverage

Collision insurance will be helpful if you collide with another vehicle or a stationary object and damage your car, truck, or SUV.

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And there you have it, the main types of auto insurance coverage options. To create the best policy for you, contact our agents at the Com-Co Insurance Agency Inc. serving the Mount Prospect, IL area today!

Common Condo Insurance Claims and How to Avoid Them

Condo insurance protects condo owners, including those in Mount Prospect, IL. This insurance can offer protection against many unforeseen events that could leave you with damages of your own or lead to you becoming liable for damages visitors endure. Once you understand more about the types of condo insurance claims that tend to be more commonplace, you’ll be in a better position to protect your own property and the property of others.

Property Damage Claims

Property damage accounts for a large portion of condo insurance claims. The damage can be the result of many possible factors, and they can lead to extensive and expensive repairs. The damages can often leave your condo more susceptible to other types of damage, so prompt repairs are critical. When you have insurance through a company such as Com-Co Insurance Agency Inc., your condo can be adequately protected from such damage.

Personal Property Claims

Loss of personal property can occur, which causes various difficulties for you. As a Mount Prospect, IL resident, you can transfer the risk to an insurer. This allows you to replace the damaged property as quickly as possible. Com-Co Insurance Agency Inc. can look at your condo coverage and ensure you’re adequately protected from hazards that put your property at risk.

Liability Claims

A common condo insurance claim has to do with liability. If someone else gets hurt on your property or has another type of damage, they can hold you liable. When you have condo insurance, you will have protection from unexpected accidents, that someone could hold you liable for. When you’re ready to discuss your condo insurance, contact Com-Co Insurance Agency Inc.

Are Other Structures on My Property Covered My Under Homeowners Policy?

Do you have a she-shed, separated garage or a distinct storage structure on your Mount Prospect, IL property? If so, it’s not unusual to wonder whether your basic structures are covered under homeowners insurance. There is an addendum called "other structure coverage that pays for repairs or replacement in certain situations. Structures damaged by a covered risk may be covered to help pay for repairs or replacement. Here are some considerations concerning structure coverage.

What Is Considered An Outdoor Structure?

When the winds kick up or a storm rolls through, your home itself is a primary concern. However, these weather conditions or other acts of nature can also damage outdoor implements such as:

  • Detached Garages
  • Fences
  • Gazebos & Pergolas
  • Fences
  • In-Ground Swimming Pools

If covered, these structures will fall under the "other structures" addendum in your policy, along with the same perils as your home. Ensure your policy covers theft, falling objects, fire, and vandalism.

How Much Does My Policy Cover for Other Structures

Other structure coverage is often based on a percentage of the coverage on the dwelling. For example, if you have $400,000 in home insurance coverage, other structures not attached to the home reimbursements are approximately $40,000. This is why it’s essential to review and update with Com-Co Insurance Agency Inc. before making high-dollar additions. You’ll appreciate having this coverage in place should there be a loss.

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