Three Basic Differences Between Condo Insurance and Homeowners Insurance

While there are several similarities between homeowner’s insurance and condo insurance (such as being required by a mortgage broker and protecting your financial investment), there are also significant differences. At Com-Co Insurance Agency Inc., in Mount Prospect, IL, we strive to educate you on these differences.

Three Key Differences between Condominium and Homeowner Insurance

  • Condo insurance covers your property internally, from the walls inwards. Homeowner’s insurance extends to your structure, property, and even fencing and outbuildings.
  • Condo associations often necessitate insurance coverage, given that the condo’s value hinges substantially on the neighboring property’s condition.
  • It’s crucial to know what your association’s master’s policy covers. Assuming this can be risky. Always ensure you obtain a copy of the policy and have your condo insurance policy shaped to fill any potential gaps.

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Individuals opt to purchase a condominium for various reasons, such as downsizing, transitioning to empty nesters, owning a vacation home, or as an investment. While home insurance experience may be preliminary for most, condo insurance presents its distinctions. If you reside in or around Mount Prospect, IL, and have questions about condo or homeowners insurance, contact Com-Co Insurance Agency Inc. to secure a free review and price quote.