Does Condo Insurance Cover Bodily Injury in Your Condo Unit?

You never plan on someone coming into your condo and injuring themselves. Unfortunately, a friend or family member may enter your condo and slip and fall on a wet floor or a number of other different incidents could take place. One of the questions that we at Com-Co Insurance Agency Inc. are asked about condo insurance policies in the greater Mount Prospect, IL area is whether it covers bodily injury to guests in your condo like a homeowners insurance does. 

Just like a homeowner’s insurance policy, a condo insurance policy does offer protection if someone is injured in your condo. However, where they are injured plays a key role in who is responsible for the damages. In order for your condo insurance to kick in, they must be injured within your condo. This does not include common places, such as the lobby, pool area, or gym. If they are injured in a common area, even if they are just your guest, they will have to file a claim with the owner of the condo. Their property liability damage will cover the other party’s injuries and medical expenses. 

If someone is injured on your property, they can come after your condo insurance. If the amount of the insurance is not high enough to cover their injuries, they can come after you personally. As such, it is extremely important that your policy amount be high enough to provide you with the coverage you need. If you are looking to increase your policy limits or start a new condo insurance policy in the greater Mount Prospect, IL area, Com-Co Insurance Agency Inc. is here to help. Contact us now to discuss your insurance needs and let us help you get started on a policy.