Does Umbrella Insurance Cover Everyone in My Household?

Umbrella insurance comes into play when your liability exceeds the limit of your home, auto, or other policy. Ordinarily, umbrella policies cover all relatives and dependents in the household. Still, the details can get tricky, so discussing your umbrella coverage with an agent such as Com-Co Insurance Agency Inc., serving the Mount Prospect, IL, area, is best. 

Covering Household Members

Since umbrella insurance handles liabilities beyond other policy limits, insurance companies must account for each person covered by your policies. For example, while your auto policy covers household members and others who legally drive your vehicle, your insurer often adjusts the premium based on the number of people in the household, their ages, driving records, and their cars. 

Similarly, an umbrella insurance policy may cover children and teenagers, even the policyholder’s parents, if they are full-time household members.

Besides keeping up with the household members, umbrella coverage can be complicated when adult children or parents have separate home or auto policies. Your umbrella coverage may not cover an adult child living at home with a different auto policy. Likewise, a student with a renters’ policy for their college apartment may also be excluded from coverage.

As always, you should protect yourself and your family by talking with your agent to confirm how your household makeup and insurance policies affect your coverage. Give your agent a call to have this conversation before you need to make a claim.

Working With Com-Co Insurance Agency Inc.

Everyone has unique circumstances, so we recommend reviewing your situation with your agent. If you live in or near Mount Prospect, IL, call or stop in to see our Com-Co Insurance Agency Inc. team. We will treat you right!