Combining Your Auto Insurance When You Get Married

When wedding bells toll for you and your sweetheart, Com-Co Insurance Agency Inc. knows you probably expect to live happily ever after in Mount Prospect, IL. Life as a married couple can save you a lot of money, not just because two incomes earn better than one.

Getting married lets you combine many costs, such as your automotive insurance policies. Under most circumstances, combining your auto policies saves you money. This blog explains how to do it and under what circumstances combining policies could cost you more money.

How Getting Married and Combining Policies Saves Money

Typically, the spouses obtain a quote from their respective insurance agencies for a two-vehicle, two-driver policy. Combining auto insurance results in lower premiums when both spouses maintain good credit scores.

Most insurance companies offer a discount when you insure all your family’s cars with them. Placing all of the family drivers on one policy usually produces the same result.

When Combining Policies Doesn’t Save Money

Take a lesson from the TV show “The Closer,” which featured two law enforcement officers in love and getting married. When Brenda and Fritz wed, Fritz neglected to mention his previous DUIs. Although his life had changed since then, his credit score had not. Like bankruptcy, DUIs, and DWIs remain on your record for years.

These types of moving violations don’t only affect your driver’s license points and driving record. They also affect your credit score, dragging it down. Credit scores look at many things in calculating the risk a financial institution undertakes when offering you a loan or insurance. If one spouse has a low credit score and the other has a good or excellent score, your premiums could still go up if you combine.

Marriage, Insurance, and Other Financial Matters

Don’t go through what fictional characters Brenda and Fritz did. Instead of starting your marital bliss with a big fight, talk about your finances before you get married. Also, meet with a Com-Co Insurance Agency Inc. representative to discuss your financial future. We can help you decide if combining your auto insurance best suits your situation and help you plan for other matters. Contact us today to start your married life in Mount Prospect, IL, the right way.