Mineral Rights of a Neighbor and Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Far more frequently in the Midwest, like Mount Prospect IL, land intersects with mineral rights. The issue of mining and cross-mining rights can be a bit complicated, especially when the activity causes related geological activity affecting property on the surface. Many folks have long been under the assumption that the land their home sits on includes the rights to the land below the house. This is not true. The law separates real estate property rights from mineral rights and even airspace. And that can lead to situations where a neighbor mines for minerals right underneath another’s home.

Usually, the folks above ground don’t notice, but today’s mining is including far more aggressive approaches to reach minerals once thought unobtainable. Fracking, for example, can mine horizontally, the side effects of the water pressure can be realized both below and above ground, especially when that mining water mixes with natural water tables and even plumbing to a home.

In some cases, the cross-mining can trigger damage, either immediately or after the fact. At first, the homeowner might think it’s simply the home or a structural issue, but once a claim is filed, the insurance provider is very likely to investigate it fully and determine the damage may have been caused by mining. Depending on the terms, a standard homeowner’s policy may not provide coverage for mining-related damage.

If you’re a property owner in Mount Prospect, IL and suddenly finding yourself dealing with a neighbor who has decided to impact your life with mining, you may want to have a sit down session with experts like those at Com-Co Insurance Agency Inc to understand how your homeowner’s insurance will actually work in case of damage. Being forewarned with knowledge is a far better thing than to find out the hard way that coverage isn’t available as assumed. Give Com-Co Insurance Agency Inc a call today and know that your home is covered.