Do Home Insurance Rates Change After A Divorce?

Home insurance is never a cut and dry product and can vary depending upon each individual’s needs and current state of affairs. This is also true if the owner’s living arrangements and marital status change over the course of time. Many American’s today have adopted a different lifestyle and family living arrangement than in decades past. Knowing the facts about insurance and divorce can help make a difficult situation easier to navigate and understand. 

Coverage During Divorce

During a marriage, if both partners are named as an insured party on the policy, either can make changes in most cases, however, once a divorce is filed or there is a legal separation, it is difficult to make changes. Most judges will prohibit any policy changes during divorce proceedings or during a separation unless there is an official agreement between both parties and is allowed by the divorce judge. Once the divorce is final, the insurance company may make the requested changes upon receiving appropriate documentation of ownership. 

Working With An Experienced Agency

It’s much easier to navigate changes in your living and marital arrangements when you work with an experienced insurance agency that had skilled agents with in-depth knowledge of this common situation. They can answer any questions, and help you make policy changes as well as instruct you regarding the necessary paperwork to get your affairs handled appropriately. If you live in or near the Mount Prospect, IL are you should consult with Com-Co Insurance Agency Inc and let them help you get the outcome you need for peace of mind during a difficult time. 

Get the information you need to prevent issues during a divorce or other similar living situation that affects your home policy. Residents of Mount Prospect, IL know they can get high-quality products and expert help through all of life’s ups and downs at Com-Co Insurance Agency Inc. Call or stop by today for more details and to schedule a meeting with an agent.