Are Your Pricey Goods Covered by Your Home Insurance?

Standard home insurance is designed to protect both your home and personal belongings. Personal goods include clothing, furniture, appliances, electronics, artwork, jewelry, sporting goods, kids toys, and more. At Com-Co Insurance Agency Inc., we can help you select a policy that adequately protects your assets without paying for unnecessary coverage. If you own pricey goods, it’s even more critical to get the right coverage to protect your investments.

Understanding Home Insurance

As a homeowner, it’s crucial you understand how home insurance works to ensure you’re getting the level of protection you need. Your choice of insurance coverage will depend on the value of your home in Arlington Heights or Mount Prospect, IL and its contents. The more expensive your property, the higher the level of protection you’ll need.

When it comes to dwelling protection, insurers suggest homeowners get enough coverage to rebuild their home in the event it’s destroyed in a catastrophe. In like manner, you should get adequate coverage to replace personal goods should they be stolen or ruined. If you own pricey goods, you should have them evaluated to determine their value so you’ll have a better idea of the coverage you’ll need. You should also make a detailed inventory of your goods to include photos of costly items to have proof of ownership when making a claim.

Standard Homeowner’s Policy

Standard home insurance comes with limits on coverage for personal belongings. These limits may not be enough to cover costly goods like jewelry, antiques, or original artwork. You can, however, protect these items by adding a floater or endorsement to your policy. With this additional coverage, you can have peace of mind that your valuables are protected from theft or unforeseen disasters.

To learn more about home insurance options for protecting your valuable assets, contact Com-Co Insurance Agency Inc. in Mount Prospect, IL.