Adding Umbrella Coverage to Cover Your Recreation Vehicles

Umbrella insurance, the policy with a funny name that everyone needs to own, requires a primary policy before you can purchase this secondary policy. At Com-Co Insurance Agency Inc., we want our clients in the Mount Prospect, IL area, to understand that they can add the extra liability coverage that the umbrella provides to any insurance policy that includes liability coverage.

Boat and RV Policies Qualify for Umbrella

That means your boat or RV coverage qualifies you to add umbrella coverage. Owners of these large toys should add umbrella coverage to cover their increased liability risk. You increase your risk of liability when you entertain others by taking them out on your boat, going water skiing, or taking them on a trip in your motorhome. Umbrella helps absorb that risk.

How Umbrella Helps

If you cause an accident with your RV, your primary insurance, such as your RV policy, pays out up to the policy limit. That typically amounts to the state-required bodily injury and property damage minimums of 25/50/20. That means that for all of the people injured, your insurance would only pay $50,000.

Consider that one night in a hospital costs about $8,000, and you quickly realize that your primary insurance needs a little help. Without umbrella coverage, you would need to pay for everything else out-of-pocket. With umbrella coverage, as soon as your primary policy pays out its maximum, the umbrella policy kicks in and pays the rest of the settlement.

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